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About Hanna

Hey, I’m Hanna!

I live in a small town in south Mississippi with my family. I’m a wife, girl mom & dog mom.

My mom passed away of cancer when my youngest daughter was 2 months old. I think that has a LOT to do with why I have a goal to celebrate life every step of the way.

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The idea that life is short is a major factor in my desire to be a self employed, present mother. It’s hard to navigate quality of life while running a party business, so I share what I can in this blog to help others do the same.

how to build a local balloon business

Professional Party Experience:

I built a balloon company with the help of my middle school best friend in 2020 that changed the trajectory of my life- and finances- as a single mom. In the middle of the COVID pandemic. I was also very, very pregnant.

about hanna

It’s 2024 and I’m no longer a balloon artist, I’ve sold most of my party rentals, and I no longer own an event venue. My remaining party business is a passion project that I’ve loved watching from the sidelines for years: Yard Card Ninjas.

I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned working in the party biz, resources I’ve created, and tips & tricks in this blog to help others do the same.

Whether your goal is:

My ultimate goal is to make life a party, whether that’s helping host your kiddo’s first birthday… or rocking a startup party business as a soloprenuer in a small town.

This is my platform to share what I can with all of you. Thanks for checking out my blog!