Peacock Chair Party Rental

What makes a peacock chair party rental great

The vintage peacock chair party rental is a trend that’s here to stay. Let’s look at what makes it so fun for parties, how to find a peacock chair for rent, and how to rent a peacock chair out as an entrepreneur!

peacock chair party rental

What makes a peacock chair party rental so fun?

Everyone wants their party to be special. A vintage peacock chair is a really special piece of equipment that can make any space feel over-the-top! Why does everyone love them?!

  • They’re hard to find! The newer versions of this chair are fairly pricey and if you’re looking for a vintage piece in good condition you can expect that price tag to increase drastically.
  • If you’re planning a party that’s authentically elegant but also on the casual side- a peacock chair is the statement for you. A bit of boho-chic, if you will.
  • Since Peacock chairs have an aura all by themselves, you can simply place this piece of furniture in front of your backdrop to turn a blank space into a themed party. It’s that easy!

How to find a peacock chair for rent!

This is where things sometimes get tricky. Peacock chairs are sometimes hard to find, depending on the area that you live in there might not be one available for rent!

Scarcity is a major factor in why I think they would make an incredible stand-alone small rental business. However, since it’s much more expensive to purchase a peacock chair as opposed to buying one… a rental makes perfect sense!

In my area I made friends with an owner of a photo booth company that had a peacock chair available for rent. She and I collaborated on the rental process quite a few times. Randomly enough, a neighboring business had a peacock chair in his attic that was his mother’s. He couldn’t in good faith offer it as a true party rental, but if a close friend needed to borrow one… he would allow my friends to use it!

To find a peacock chair rental in your area I recommend one of two options.

  • Crowd source (if you can’t easily find one via a google search) your area. Ask colleagues on social media if they know of a peacock chair in your proximity that you could borrow!
  • Call every party related business in your area. They might not have a peacock chair, but when you work in the party industry you tend to network fairly quickly so they might know your best options to find a peacock chair to rent for your special occasion!

Rent a peacock chair out as a party rental biz!

As a former party industry pro, I’m always noticing opportunities that could help a solopreneur leverage their finances and start a small business! I think renting a peacock chair is a really simple, fairly achievable way to build a small business. The options once you get started are really up to you!

  • Step 1: purchase a peacock chair (used or new)
  • Step 2: market the rental of said peacock chair
  • Step 3: use a CRM, I recommend honeybook, to manage your calendar and take payments.
  • Step 4: repeat the process with additional rentals, if you want to scale!
  • Step 5: hire out once you’ve become a total boss and you’re running an empire!

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