Aged to perfection

Aged to perfection surprise birthday

This aged to perfection surprise birthday party was thrown for a distinguished doctor. His lovely bride wanted to be sure that everyone celebrated her man- who rarely chooses to celebrate himself!

Aged to perfection

For this particular celebration, the venue was important. Mainly because the wife surprising her husband needed him to believe that he was going to a simple birthday dinner instead of a party with all of his closest friends!

I’ve found that throwing parties or pulling themes together for men’s parties can sometimes be tricky. Aged to perfection was a perfect choice for a fortieth birthday! The hardest part, by far, of hosting this party was making sure that it was a complete and total surprise.

Special touches for the birthday boy:

This card that shared information about the year he was born made everyone smile!
The theme was aged to perfection, and this glass really did the trick!

Aged to perfection refreshments:

This party was hosted at cocktail hour, which kept things fairly simple! A few custom cookies, chocolate cigars, whiskey & wine! Guests went upstairs for a sit down meal after the shock value of surprising a grown man wore off.

Aged to perfection surprise birthday party entertainment

Once the party started, guests played trivia with fun, quirky questions about the year the birthday boy was born! Questions included:

What was the national average price for a gallon of gasoline in 1983?

Answer: $1.16

What was the most popular TV show?

Answer: Dallas

Who won the superbowl in 1983?

Washington Redskins!

Aged to perfection decor

The balloon garland was made mostly from balloons you can find at hobby lobby! We mixed whites, greys, marbled balloons, metallics, and a deep black color!

To set the backdrop off, we placed a really thick ballon garland with number balloons right by the whiskey cellar for guests to use as a backdrop.

Have you hosted an aged to perfection surprise birthday party? Tell us about it!