bridal financial stigma

Bridal financial stigma (and how to avoid it)

As a former party industry pro and 2023 bride I can verify first-hand that bridal financial stigma exists. The moment you say wedding, bride, or anything surrounding that process: the price goes up by at least 20%. This was concerning to me as a bride because while I wanted a really great day while getting a life partner, I did not want to spend an arm and a leg to do so.

bridal financial stigma (and how to avoid it)

Why bridal stigma’s exist

Stereotypes exist for a reason: one of my least favorite phrases to hear. Having said that, shows like bridezilla and personal experiences have shared why bridal financial stigma’s exist. This is a once in a lifetime event. You want to pay more for quality. In order to ensure a higher quality touch for a once in a lifetime event, you’re going to have to pay more. It’s as complicated and simple as that statement.

How to avoid the bridal stigma

You know those baby shower games where you can’t say “baby?” It’s like that… only the real life planning a wedding and your budget depends on it. When booking your vendors you’re going to want to avoid these words at all cost:

  • wedding
  • bridal
  • bride
  • groom
  • engagement

Instead, use descriptors:

  • I’d like a simple three tiered all white cake.
  • My greenery wall will need to be set up for my event at X time with breakdown scheduled for X time.
  • The colors I’d like to use for this balloon garland, backdrop, accessories, etc. are: X

Why this is so hard

You’re really excited about your big day. You’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime event, theoretically. It just comes out of your mouth like word vomit whether you mean to or not! I had no doubts in my mind that bridal financial stigma was a thing when I planned my 2023 wedding. I planned my wedding in 3 days. I can’t explain to you how or when I found the time to tell basically everyone I could speak to while ordering things for my wedding… but I know that I did!

Could you plan a wedding without saying the bridal stigma trigger words?